Why F-1 MIS ?

Organizations invest significantly on the business process automation systems like ERP, CRM, Accounting, HRMS, Etc. Since these are capable of collecting more amount of data related business process the organizations intend to capitalize on the data & look forward to analyze the same and take informed business decisions. Here the systems cannot satisfy and meet the dynamics required by the business and simply generates static data which needs to be further acted upon either in Excel or by manually collating information and analyzing. This activity requires considerable amount of time and efforts every time and also it is still not authenticated and accurate.

F-1 MIS is the ultimate answer to the problem and a right solution which helps the business to generate dynamic, accurate and flexible MIS reports while staying connected the data. F-1 MIS enables user with the slicing and dicing feature which meets the business dynamics of the requirements and keeps the accuracy intact.

F-1 MIS comes with feature rich functionalities and types of MIS layers which serves various needs of the reporting. F-1 MIS also seamlessly connects with Tally.ERP9 database and enables the users to generate the most complex reports on the basis of the data in Tally. It also serves better to enable user to generate important financial MIS, Inventory related reports, Analysis on the business performance etc.

F-1 MIS Cube Reporting

A powerful multi-dimensional analytical tool for the advanced view of the data to explore every aspect with minute information and at ease of use

Salient Features:

  • 3D View of data for advanced analysis
  • Renders the data at thrilling speed
  • Runtime Filters for quick answers
  • Runtime Conditional Formatting
  • Exportable to Excel, PDF, HTML etc
  • Multi Company Analysis for all factors
  • Customized Formula Options

F-1 MIS View Reporting

A powerful multi-layer analytical tool most suitable for the operational users to generate spreadsheet view of the data for analysis and quick exploration to enable generating various reports for business needs

Salient Features:

  • Multi-Layer / Multi Tab view for clear view of data
  • Character based filter options
  • Runtime Conditional formatting
  • Exportable to Excel, Text, PDF, HTML etc
  • Drag and Drop to generate customized layers

F-1 MIS Chart Reporting

A powerful graphical analysis of the data with 2dimensional and 3dimensional view of the data for the analysis in various chart options

Salient Features:

  • All latest formats of Charts
  • Exportable in Excel, PDF, HTML and Image
  • Runtime Change of Chart Types
  • Layout Saving Options as per need


MIS on Sales Analysis using Tally Data
  • Party wise
  • Party group & sub group wise
  • Item/SKU wise
  • Item/SKU group & sub group wise
  • Item/SKU category wise
  • Batch / Lot wise
  • State wise
  • Month wise/Year wise
  • Group company wise
  • Detail view of sales containing dispatch & other details
  • Cost center / Cost category wise
  • Periodic variances of sales items wise/party wise
  • And many more...
MIS on Inventory Movement using Tally Data
  • Item/SKU wise
  • Item/SKU group & sub group wise
  • Item/SKU category wise
  • Godown / Unit wise
  • Batch / Lot wise
  • Month wise/Year wise
  • Group company wise
  • Detail view of stock movement up to transaction level
  • Pending sales order and Purchase order analyses
  • Material requirement planning for production house
  • Re-order level status
  • And many more...

MIS on Outstanding analyses using Tally Data
  • Party wise outstanding
  • Group wise / sub group wise outstanding
  • Debtors payment performance
  • Item / SKU wise outstanding
  • State wise outstanding
  • Aging analyses
  • Group company wise
  • And many more...
MIS on Income / Expenses using Tally Data
  • Income head wise
  • Expense head wise
  • Group / Subgroup wise
  • Cost center / category wise
  • Monthly / Yearly analyses of each heads
  • Group company wise
  • Budgets Vs Actual analyses head wise
  • And many more...