Tally Add-ons

Are you looking for a unique feature that is not available on standard Tally platforms? Well, your search will end here with the Tally add-ons. Tally 9 provides the opportunity to customize your application with the addition of compatible add-ons. It will help you to better internal operations and improve customer care owing to superior productivity.

Modify and define your Tally application with add-ons

Each top class business solution package provides general features & functionalities, but there are plenty of other needs that are unique & important to some company & irrelevant to others. Tally9 has got a provision to customize & add additional features to the software. Dgains soft solutions is having a unique range of ready to use Tally add-ons. Such add-ons are not part of Tally ERP 9's main features. Over the years we have dealt with a diverse range of organizations, understood their requirements & delivered customized solutions based on Tally applications.



Grid Lines on Reports in Tally

Provides the horizontal lines across all reports in Tally.ERP9 to help distinguish individual records in the report

Yearly Price: Rs. 188

Negative Stock Blocking

This addon helps to keep control on your inventory movement by disallowing access outwards transactions and thus restricting negative stock in your Stock Reports

Yearly Price: Rs. 188

Outstanding Amount Printing on Invoice

This addon is useful to send your outstanding amount receivable from your customers in every invoice, thus control on your debtors

Yearly PriceL: Rs. 376

Disallow Delete and Cancel

This addon is to restrict your users to not to cancel and delete any masters and transactions, this will help you keep the data entry discipline and accuracy

Yearly Price: Rs. 188

Standard Narrations

This addon is to ensure that the repeated narrations required to entered by your users, Narrations master are to be created and you can define appropriate narrations which are available to select while entering narrations

Yearly Price: Rs. 188

Credit Limit Control

A very important addon in this market situation to limit your customer's credit limits to ensure that access billing is not done by your users and sales.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

Auto Email of Bills

Now sending emails of the Invoice directly from Tally.ERP9 and it will be auto on saving of the invoice.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

Envelope Printing

Print your clients and suppliers envelopes using the address details stored in Tally.ERP9.

Yearly Price: Rs. 376

Document Management System

This is very important addon as it enables you to attach any type of the document, files, images to your transactions in Tally.ERP9. The files can be viewed from the vouchers or any report of voucher list from Tally.ERP9.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

Auto Backup - on Local and Cloud

Taking backup of your important data is very much necessary, and thus this addon enables auto backup of the data based on the defined time or event as per your needs. The back up can be stored in your local drive or network and also it can linked to cloud space basis on your needs.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

SMS from Tally

Now sending SMS for the outstanding or alerts oninvoice or any specific information from Tally is possible with this addon.

Yearly Price: Rs. 376

GST Billing Format

This addon is able to give you gst compliant invoice having maximum number of Items in the invoice as per requirement and customized invoice format.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

Price List Import

Importing Price List for all your stock items from an excel to Tally.ERP9 with various slabs and discount structure.

Yearly Price: Rs. 376

Stock Item Master Import

Import all the Item Masters from Excel to Tally with all the details of the Item Masters

Yearly Price: Rs. 376

Address Book Import

Import all the ledger masters with the address and other contact details.

Yearly Price: Rs. 376

Sales Man Module

This module enables you to maintain Sales Man wise masters and then enables you to tag the sales transactions to Sales Man and also provides you sales man commission reports with the salesman sales register.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

Alteration History

This is useful to keep a track on your users transaction and check the track of the voucher alteration and history of editing done.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

Voucher Authorization

A very important and useful feature to enable having process of maker and checker of vouchers. This brings complete authenticity in voucher entries and ensures accuracy.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

Bar coding in Tally.ERP9

This is useful feature to enable printing of barcodes for your inventory and helps in accurate movement of inventory by use of barcodes printing and scanning, also giving an brand image to your products.

Yearly Price: Rs. 564

Extensive Customizations. Superior Versatility.

  • Invoice customization
  • Advanced module for easy data processing
  • Easy sharing of documents
  • Customized applications
  • Date wise item pricing
  • Import from excel

Increase the productivity of your team with Tally add-ons

Easily upgradable

Cost effective

Quick data processing

Superior support

Tally and add ons license management

Better tracking of performance

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